my life is a joke and i’m not laughing anymore

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wow I really want to kill myself.

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  • family: you listen to shitty music
  • me: YOU STUPID

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One time, I took more pills than I can remember and accepted I’d be dead within the hour. Don’t ever call me weak. Michael Lee, Waking Up Naked  (via goldenspine)

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I hope my kids never have trouble taking basic care of themselves like brushing their teeth or hair.
I hope my kids never feel the need to touch things a certain amount of times.
I hope my kids never get anxious when thinking about going outside where people are.
I hope my kids never have to hide their childhood from their lovers.
I hope my kids never have to be terrified of delusions and hallucinations.
I hope my kids never skip meals.
I hope my kids never fear anything so much that they burst into tears.
I hope my kids never have to learn the hard way that not everyone is looking out for your best interest.
I hope my kids never have to struggle to do a basic math problem.
I hope my kids never have to learn to cope with being manic.
I hope my kids never understand mental illness.
But if they are my own, they will. Anonymous (via hugdrugsnotboys)

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It’s a metaphor, see


  • two songs
  • two bands
  • two actors
  • two actresses
  • two singers
  • two movies
  • two books
  • two characters
  • two ships
  • two shows
  • two anything

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NEVER trust an adult who won’t apologize to a child

Wow. I’d never seen it put that way, but. Wow. That is a really good piece of advice.

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